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Products and Habits on How to Stop Bitting Your Nails

Self-care and Health #nails, #stopbitting nails

Have you tried to stop bitting your nails? Do you find yourself bitting your nails and then asking yourself why did you do that?

It's frustrating because you clearly don't want to do it yet you can't stop bitting your nails even if you know that bitting nails cause deformity and possibly infections. Probably you're watching TV, doing some random activity and when you are aware, you find yourself bitting your nails again. You certainly nourish your hands skin but find yourself in this repetitive behavior. If you are someone like this, you are not alone. Nail bitting is ...

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How Wearing Good clothes Make Us Perform Better - Top Outfits for Men to Wear

Self-care and Health men outfits, men style, men clothes to wear

Are you tired of staring at your closet and feeling like you have nothing to wear? Are you a busy professional who just doesn't have the time to search for outfits? If you care about your professional side, you should care about your outfits too. A study conducted by researchers at Oxford University in 2015 found that wearing good clothes can have a significant impact on a person's cognitive abilities and overall performance. ...

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Five Wondrous Summer Drink Recipes - Make it, Relish it, Repeat it

Smart Tips #cocktails #summerdrinks #smoothies #mojitos

Summer temperature asks for lots of cool drinks every day. In this guide you will learn 5 easy drinks that you can make at home. The five summer drink recipes will add variety of flavors to experience on a daily basis and on special days to impress your friends and family with the tastiest and most refreshing drinks. Learn how to make a tropical cocktail, a smoothie, two mojitos and a special ginger ale gin - all alcohol-free summer drinks. Summer is usually a time to ...

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How to speed up hair removal with IPL laser at home: hacks to increase IPL laser success

Self-care and Health #ipl #laserhairremoval #iplepilator

IPL laser hair removal has brought more comfort to our daily lives, even more so when the IPL laser session is done at home by your own. But at first, during the first few sessions, you may find that there are no significant results - keep doing it. In a dermatology study published at Dermatology Journal, doctors analysed ...

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How to protect your smartphone screen from breaking

Electronics and Technology #screenbroken #bestscreenprotectors #phone

Whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone, keeping your screen intact is certainly something you look up to. This post was written to share an effective way of preventing broken smartphone screens and the best habits to keep it intact and well functioning. It also compares the different types of screen protectors existing in the market. Over the years we have experimented protecting our smartphone screen with tempered protector and hydro gel film protector and observed the behavior over time. Hydro gel film protector for the screen was the one that effectively protected the screen as long as besides having a ...

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