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3 Positive Advantages of using Virtual Reality Glasses

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Virtual reality, a fascinating and innovative phenomenon, offers a unique opportunity to explore a new universe of possibilities. With these glasses, we embark on a journey that transcends the limits of human perception, challenging our understanding of time, space and reality. Virtual reality glasses allow vast access to virtual environments that appear as real. In this article you will find the positive revolution that virtual reality glasses bring on health, wellbeing, entertainment and education. Also keep reading if you want to improve your mind using Virtual Reality Glasses.

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1 Virtual Reality glasses promote social connection at the comfort of your own home

When you put on the virtual reality glasses, you immerse yourself in a three-dimensional digital environment that feels real and tangible. This total immersion allows you to escape the limitations of everyday reality and enjoy unique experiences such as:

  • Meet your family and friends in an amazing virtual world, for example, an exotic country and travel virtually discovering incredible places;
  • Participate in exciting games with your friends;
  • Watch movies in 360 degrees even better than if you were in the cinema. The feeling of presence is truly amazing.

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2 Virtual Reality increases well-being

Virtual reality helps decreasing stress and reduces anxiety. A study published at the jornal Frontiers of Neuroscience in January 2020 showed virtual reality helps treat behavior addiction. Whether practicing meditation in serene environments, enjoying virtual therapies, or playing games that stimulate the brain, virtual reality glasses can help improve reduce everyday stress and maintain emotional balance. In addition, the immersion provided by virtual reality can create a safe and controlled environment, allowing individuals to gradually address their fears and anxieties.

3 Virtual Reality accelerates learning

A study published in the British Journal of Surgery in 2020 investigated the effectiveness of surgical training using virtual reality and concluded that virtual practice improved surgeon's' performance. Any professional in any field where practice is required often improves their skills with virtual reality training. Research conducted by the University of Maryland, which explored the application of virtual reality to science learning and found that students better retained the subject matter they learned through virtual reality and they are using Virtual Reality glasses for patient care. Virtual reality is also being used by surgeons for jaw reconstructive cirurgies as seen in a study published from February 2023 at Wiley Online Library.

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