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5 Ideas to Optimize Housework Tasks and Have more Time for You

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Quality of life matters and a cleaned and organized home matters too. Dedicating your time to activities that give you pleasure is one of the things you certainly look up to. And it's possible to have a cleaned and organized home also. It is possible to have both. That is achieved by optimizing housework tasks and it will lead to increased productivity.

You'll have more time for things that matter the most to you: whether is learning something knew, spending time with your loved ones, shopping, practicing sports, etc.

Having this in mind we've have listed below 5 incredible ideas to help you perform your housework tasks.

Yes, life can be better lived.

Before reading these ideas, you must know that if today you still have to vacuum the floor, wipe away dust the furniture, do the dishes, cook, clean the kitchen, take out the garbage, wash the toilets... remember to do it all with presence and with attention to the moment.

Our time is valuable, that's for sure, but these tasks can be valuable for you in the sense that you take it and consider it relevant.

For example if while doing the tasks you find yourself frustrated and bored with having to do them, remember that you are not enjoying the moment.

Consider doing those tasks as opportunities to ease your mind, enjoy the aroma of the detergents, appreciate seeing the transformation before (the dusty floor) and after (the clean, shiny floor).

Every moment of your life is a test, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem.

It is a test where you choose and decide how you want to take it. Often it is all so automatic, the unfolding of the day and the tasks that happen spontaneously, and if you don't pay attention, you take with you the mood of your co-worker's comments on a certain news seen (politics, etc) and it affects your predisposition and mood.

A clean and organized home provides well-being and is also a matter of hygiene and health for you and your family. A clean and organized home is relevant and fundamental to a good life style.

Imagine your house clean, organized and everything tidy on its place. Imagine that this is maintained throughout the days. How is it possible to keep your home organized and tidy throughout the week?

Check out 5 important and relevant tips to help you keep your home organized and clean and have more time:

1. Create unique and specific spaces to put each item

When you arrive home, always leave your shoes in their proper place: a shoe storage unit which should ideally be placed near the main exit door. That way, whenever you leave the house, you won't have to pick up your shoes in a totally opposite place of the house.

When you go indoors make it a habit to change into comfortable tennis shoes or slippers, so no dust or dirt will get in from the soles of the shoes you've worn during the day. Your house will be more hygienic and easier to clean.

Keep your car keys and purse inside your wallet. Make a habit of always leaving these objects inside your wallet. Do not put them inside jackets or other pockets as often you switch clothes and might misplace items.

Think about any item from a room full of items and how you can applay this idea to: a thing on its own place. Items should have a proper place where they always belong or return to after usage as your home belongs to you and it's the place you come up to anytime in the day.

This tip is a great time saver. As long as you get into the habit of putting items on their own place when you don't need them anymore, it means that you won't need to spend time later on searching for them. You'll always know where they are, move easily through the day and feel better that your things are in the right place.

2. Create successful cleaning and organization habits

According to the book Attomic Habits by James Clear, one of the ways to create a habit is to couple it with another habit. That is, if you want to start doing something, before you do it, do one simple habit that gives you pleasure and puts you in a state of readiness and willingness to perform the new habit.

For example, if you have a mountain of laundry to iron, set yourself the goal of ironing it on Thursday, after you've listened your regular podcast episode, around 9:00 PM (be specific). First go getting your headphones, grab your smartphone and hear your podcast.

Then when it has finished, remove the headphones from your ears and start ironing. The reason this works is that the preparation for the new habit or activity is doing a habit already assimilated first. So when you start the task and perform it, you take that continuity of habit.

3. Perfect timing

Whenever you see something out of its proper place, ask yourself if it takes less than 1 minute to put it away. If it takes less than a minute to tidy it up or throw something in the trash, clean up a mess, then do it immediately. If it's a more exhausting and time consuming task, save it for when you have more time.

4. Use robot appliances to optimize cleaning and have more time for you

  • A robot that cleans your windows by itself is perfect if you have tall windows or if you cannot strain your arms. Also if you have large glass windows such as living room

window doors or balconies. It sucks the dust off the glass, washes it with an automatic water spray, and dries it.

You can also use it to clean ceramic surfaces, tiles and wooden floors.

This cleaning windows robot has 2 interesting features: it has 2 water tanks which allows it to clean large areas and it has an ultrasonic technology that converts water into small micrometer particles which aggregates all the dust particles for a perfect cleaning efficiency.

  • A smart and good quality cooker is an ally to make life easier in the kitchen. You will never have toasted or burnt food again.

In this smart pan the food won't stick to the bottom because the heating is electromagnetic and it automatically controls the temperature with the 3D temperature control system. It has good thermal conductivity and cooks food quickly compared to stainless steel. It is your ally in healthy eating because it does not overheat the oil, instead it automatically reduces and stabilizes the temperature of the oil keeping it at the healthy point. It has touch buttons with food prep modes, and better than that, it has an overflow sensor... so you never worry about contents spilling out again. Goodbye worries. Welcome technology for quality of life.

  • A robot that vacuums, washes, and disinfects viruses with its UV lamp

This cleaning robot has built-in software that allies with your smartphone so that you can map out and tell the robot which areas it can clean and which areas are restricted. The robot will not go to the areas that you define as restricted.

5 . Self-questioning of usefulness

Do you have a lot of things to clean?

Imagine you have a bookcase of books to organize, a wardrobe of clothes to fold or several pieces of clothing several days old to iron.

Ask yourself if you have used the books for the last three years. Then ask yourself if you will use them in the next few years. If not, donate them to a library or give them to someone who likes or needs them.

Apply the same questions to your clothes. If you don't wear them, ask yourself if you could alter them, send them to a seamstress to make them to your liking. Ask yourself how many times have worn the clothes for the last 3 years and if you will wear them for the next few years. If yes, pack them up and iron them. If not, donate them to someone who needs them. You'll have more space, less tidying up and you'll certainly feel good. This procedure is called decluttering, and it is known in certain parts of the world for bringing more lightness and focus to everyday life. Apply it when you have things that are sitting around and you don't use them. Do the self-questioning of usefulness.

I hope you enjoyed these tips. Share in the comments if you already practice some and which ones you'd like to start practicing.

Why not start today?

Why not use this article to inspire yourself and make this your starting point for a better cleaned and organized home?


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