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5 Pilates workouts to easily do at home

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If you would like to improve your health and practice some physical workout at home, this post is for you. You'll put hands on supportive guides to achieve your goals. You can do these exercises any time you have some spare time. Pilates is a highly recommended practice to a long well living life.

The benefits of regularly practicing Pilates are beyond common: increases your heart health, body muscle, improve movements and agility and enhance upright posture.

Pilates practice decreases the body fat, body tensions and back pain. The benefits of practicing Pilates are backed up by scientific studies.

Due to its importance we've searched for some of the most supportive Pilates teachers who have Youtube videos published teaching how to practice yourself Pilates anywhere. See here the list of videos and follow the instructions as the Pilates teachers recommend.

1 - Video: "10 Minute Pilates Ring Workout - Pilates Ring Exercises to Tone and Strengthen" by Jessica Valant Pilates

Exercises with Pilate rings are key to tone your arms, legs and body core.

2 - Video: "20 Minute Pilates Workout with an Exercise Ball" by Trifecta Pilates

Pilates balls are versatile, not only you can make the Pilates workouts but also use the ball to sit at your desk and keep your upright spine.

3 - Video: "Full body Pilates workout with Pilates bar" by Pilates Therapy Samantha Lisboa

This is a 17 minute video recorded outdoors where you'll learn how to use the portable bar to muscle toning and body stretching Pilates workouts. 

4 - Video: "Balance Pad Exercises Pain Science Physical Therapy" by Youtube channel Pain Science Physical Therapy

This is a 7 minute video where you'll learn how to increase your balance and body agility.

5 - Video: "Aerial Pilates / Core Conditioning Full Class / LIVE Aerial Yoga Class" by Youtube channel Aerial Yoga GirlTM

This is a 45 minute video that covers from simple to advanced Pilates workout named aerial Pilates. This practice utilizes a hammcock Pilates tissue. It is also a great tool for relaxation at home.

Try these amazing Pilates workouts and share in the comment section below your feedback!

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