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A guide on the best batteries: how to choose the best batteries and what are the best batteries today

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In this guide you will find the 4 important data to always check when choosing a battery. Then it will be shown some of best batteries for devices available today. Following that we will reveal the top 4 of the best chargers and batteries. At the end you will discover the new evolution of recharging batteries: we will present 2 types of batteries and their impressive way of charging.... let yourself be surprised.

Has it ever happened to you while watching your favorite TV show, you pick up the TV remote control to press the volume up and the sound does not increase?

It is frustrating not having batteries when we need a device working. That is how rechargeable batteries with their features turn our life easy.

Devices at home are objects almost useless if they are without energy, whether they were expensive or affordable. It does not matter how much it costed, they are not working. So their true value to you is not in having the device static at home. Their true value is HOW you use them, what it offers you and how it makes your life easier. It is about the benefits those devices provide to you and how much it helps your daily life. And the benefits can be achievable when they are working with energy.

Rechargeable batteries are changing people's use of portable devices. Worldwide sales of rechargeable batteries have been increasing due to their multiple advantages. They are low-cost because they can be recharged many times compared to single use batteries and are free of toxic chemicals. There is a variety of rechargeable batteries: they have different sizes, different material compositions, different capacity, different number of cycles and different voltage. Are you choosing the appropriate batteries so that your devices perform optimally and you pay the lowest cost for that performance?

Batteries are one of those things that we should have a fair enough stock to cover up everyone's use at home in all kinds of devices: water heaters, cameras, mouses, kids cars, toys, wireless headphones, wireless keyboards, baby monitors, calculators,video game controls, hang wall clocks, flash lights, toothbrush... any object we have for a purpose.

How to choose the right rechargeable batteries: Important data to consider when reading a label

Put aside the "name" of the brand and look for the next numbers, the composition, the behavior exposed through the data. Sometimes the brands do not mean the best performance, other times it can. Open yourself for the fact that, there are "gems" in other brands. Check below how. There are great customer reviews.

1. Look for the battery size needed for each device: look inside the free space to insert the cell. Usually there is a mark referring the type of cell.

  • size AA which diameter of lat size is: flat negative terminal is 0,35 inches (9 mm);
  • size AAA which diameter of lat size is: flat negative terminal is 0,47 inches (12 mm);
  • size C which diagonal of lat size is: flat negative terminal is 1,03 inches (26,2 mm);
  • size D which diagonal of lat size is: flat negative terminal is 1,27 inches (32,2 mm).

2. Check the batteries material composition on the label. Its shows the performance in the devices.

  • If the battery has the composition of Li-Polymer (lithium-polymer) has 1.5 V normally. Find the best Li-Polymer batteries, the Deeplow 4 AA batteries with 3400 mAh. They can be charged 1500 times.

  • The batteries made of Ni-Zn (nickle-zinc) have 1.6 V. Ni-Zn are specially batteries that offer excellent performance in high drain devices. Because they are sensitive, one cannot find them everywhere. Find them here, the Rechargeable AAA NiZn 1.6V 900mWh 4PCS Thermometer.

The higher the voltage, the quicker is the response when you're utilizing the command. In case of toys, for the same size, the toy with batteries with 1.5 V have better performance than than if they had batteries with 1.2 V. In a TV remote control, utilizing 1.2 V or 1.5 V will not be noticed the different, but in middle drain devices like toothbrush you will notice the difference. For high drain devices, such as racing cars, flashlights, and digital cameras, the most suitable batteries are the 1.6 V because they offer a better performance.

3. Check the size of current (in mAh) of the batteries on the label

  • It means how long a full charge of the battery lasts. The higher the value, the longer will be the use of the device when putting the battery. The current is the number measured in mAh (mini-ampere-hour). If reflects the battery durability in time in each use.

4. Check the number of cycles

  • It is also important to notice the number of cycles as it represents how many times the batteries can be charged. This represents the cyclability of the battery.

Top 4 of the best rechargeable batteries and chargers packs

In order to have batteries and charger suitable for tv remote controls, mouses, calculators, video game controls, small toys, baby monitors, hang wall clocks, water heaters, wireless head phones, kids cars, flash lights, toothbrush, anything... Find below the best rechargeable batteries and chargers packs.

1- Deeplow Rechargeable with 4 AA Batteries Lithium ion 1.5 V 3400 mAh for AA and AAA Battery Charger

  1. It has 1.5 V, the second highest voltage for AA and AAA batteries, which means better performance noticeable when utilizing the devices;
  2. The charger comes with 4 batteries AA. They are made of lithium-polymer which means there is no memory effect, there is no need to discharge the battery completely before the charging. Plus they are free of toxic chemicals for the environment
  3. They have high Capacity due to the composition Li-polymer that has super capacity of 3400 mWh which means longer use time compared with NiMH;
  4. They have temperature and heat detection to prevent heating and maximize the charging and discharging performance
  5. The charger has a LED display, to show the power while charging and It automatically shouts-off when batteries are fully charged. You can charge just 1 battery, 2 batteries, 3 batteries or 4 batteries of AA and AAA. Red light means it is charging. Green light means it is discharging.
  6. They have protection over peaks of discharge and charge.
  7. They can be charged 1500 times.
  8. The charging takes only 2 h.
  • The best features highest number of cycles, capacity, protection to heat and electricity peaks.

2 - Find here the PKCELL Rechargeable with 4 AA Batteries NiZn 1.6V 2500 mAh for AA and AAA Battery Charger

  1. In order to experience their the 1.6 V performance use them in high drain devices such as racing cars, flashlights, digital cameras.
  2. It has 1.6 V, the highest voltage for AA and AAA batteries, which means better performance noticeable when utilizing in these high drain devices.
  3. The charger comes with 4 batteries AAA. It can charge AAA and AA in pairs;
  4. They have high Capacity due to the composition Ni-Zn that has capacity of 2500 mAh which means longer use time compared with NiMH typical.
  5. It was done an experiment to measure the duration of one charge. Three batteries of Ni-Zn could replace four Ni-Mh batteries, this means the devices will work longer with one charge of these batteries comparing with the devices that work with other materials composition.
  6. The charger has a LED display, to show the power while charging and It automatically shouts-off when batteries are fully charged. You can charge in pairs of 2 or 4 batteries AA and AAA;
  7. They can be charged 1000 times.
  • The best feature is the highest voltage: 1.6 V.

This makes them suitable batteries for racing cars, flashlights, and digital cameras. In flashlights and light cameras they offer a much higher light intensity than 1.5 V batteries, and in racing cars they offer much better car operation. On the other hand, they are sensitive to large current discharges and overheating. If during charging it reaches 104ºF (40ºC) or 140ºF (60ºC) during discharge, the batteries will overheat and stop working. If placed in devices that discharge down to near 0 volts during use, such as computer mice or watches, the zinc is destroyed and the battery stops working. That is why it is ideal to use these batteries in devices that consume a higher number of volts, like 1.1 V, 1.2 V... like the ones mentioned above (racing cars, flashlights, digital cameras). And if you buy these batteries, and don't use them for 3 months, you will have to charge them before using them.

Many people enjoy using these batteries and give positive comments. Others are not happy with their use, this is due to not knowing in what devices they should apply them and the advice we exposed here. Experience these batteries in the right devices and check for yourself the high performance.

3 - Recharge batteries of any size with the BONAI LCD Battery Charger for C, D, AA, and AAA 9V Ni-MH and Ni-CD Rechargeable Batteries with 5000 mAh C Rechargeable Cells (4-Counts)

  1. These charger can charge batteries of size A, AA, C and D made of Ni-MH and Ni-Cd (nickle cadmium);
  2. It comes with 4 C batteries with voltage of 1.2 V (typical used in water heaters, kids cars, flash lights...);
  3. Their recharging cycles last until 1200 cycles, that means they have long durability;
  4. The charger is very user friendly. It will appear on the blue LED screen the signs "CHG" while charging, "DISCHG" while discharging or "ERROR" if install the battery incorrectly or the battery is usep-up.
  5. Duration of charging in the charger per battery size: AAA range from 500 to 1200 mAh take just 1 h to 3 h, AA range from 1300 to 2800 mAh take just 1.5 h to 3.5 h, C range from 1800 to 5000 mAh take to 2 to 6 h, D range from 1800 to 10000 mAh 2-10 hours. If the batteries have 9 V and from 150 to 600 mAh, they take 5 to 20 hours to charge.
  • The best feature is: possibility to charge AA, AAA, C and D batteries in the same charger

4 - Smart universal battery charge that charges different types of batteries and has a screen display

  • The best feature is: one charge for all types of batteries and also the quickest charging.

NEW way of charging batteries - the practical way, charge it on the go

There are rechargeable batteries to which it is possible to plug a USB cable or simply have no cable at all, just have a USB entrance on one side.

Find here the Batteries which charger is just one USB cable, the Mayuy rechargeable AA batteries 4 batteries with cable. These batteries come with a USB cable and a slot to insert it inside. You can then plug into a powerbank, a laptop, a plug transformer, a treadmill or any electrical device with USB.

Find here the 100% capacity 1.5V AA li-ion Battery 2600mwh li-polymer with USB rechargeable lithium usb battery + USB cable

  • Capacity: 3800 mAh;
  • Voltage: 1.5 V -> composition: Li-Polymer battery
  • Can be charged 2000 times;
  • They are fully charged in 1 h;
  • They are offered with the cable;
  • Excellent customer reviews; they are suitable for tv remote controls, watches, electronic controls, wireless devices, flashlights, toys, mouses, etc.
  • The best feature: great capacity and durability, portable charging, quick charging.

Batteries without any charger at all, just the USB plug on TOP of one side of the battery:

Original USB Rechargeable Battery AA 1.5V 1450mAh Quick Charging Li-po Battery Quality AA Batteries Bateria RoHS CE

These are specially perfect for the people who need to carry batteries around. They are free of cables and free of any charging device. Simply plug it on your laptop or any other USB entrance.They have good capacity and it is possible to charge multiple times.

All batteries and chargers revealed here have great customer reviews. If you like the commodity of always having power at home to charge batteries anytime one reaches to the end, this is how to make the batteries live again and again, again... And never get frustrated for missing anything due to lack of full batteries.

Isn't this compared to people chilling moments and "recharging energy" to then living life fully? Are you letting your batteries to recharge?


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