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Woman working on computer while there is sun and man walking in nature while solar charger and smartphones are catching the sun

Best Solar Chargers and Solar Powerbanks - Charging Your Phone On the Go

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Find here the list of the best solar chargers and solar powerbanks in the market today. Use the sun energy to charge your cameras, pc battery, smartphones, smartwatchs, powerbanks, flashlights, batteries, etc. It is just so smart to use the available sunlight to have energy for our devices. It is a green technology used to save money, save waiting time (instead of waiting to arrive at home to charge the devices) and it is so much more practical. Charge your phone and other devices on the go by using your time and energy wisely.

There is a story about Lilly that I would like you to know because that is where we spot the difference.

Lilly is an avid person about going on walks through cities, wild villages and catching her eyes on stylish and colored stuff.

Most of the days, she wears jeans and white tennis in order to feel ready for the walking. Sometimes she seems to be a tourist in her own town. Not because she pretends to be one. Her eagerness for savoring life takes her to beautiful places. In her common walking for work, she always has her phone ready for a photo. Her friends make her feel flattered by telling her that she knows how to take the most awesome photos and videos out of the ordinary things. This young woman with big brown eyes, who likes to travel with her husband and often find herself entire days out discovering new places and taking new activities... is also very busy. She feels so sad when her phone is running out of battery and she is still far away from her home or from the hotel when she is on holidays. Two options are available: either she looks for the next smelly coffee shop in order to charge her phone and waits there until there is enough charge (she needs to be sure she brought with herself the charger), or she hopes that the power bank she has on the bottom of the black and golden bag is charged... which is a rare event, since she is a very busy hard-working person who does not have time to check this detail.

Her powerbank is not working so she needs to find a most near coffee shop to charge her phone but she is in the middle of nature, on top of a large mountain almost one hour away from a coffee shop. There she is above the white clouds that seems like cotton.Suddenly she gazes a perfect orange-pinkish sunset on this mountain right in the middle of nature of this perfect place. Unfortunately she can't take a photo of the stunning landscape to remember it forevermore. She gets angry she can't share this precious moment with her friends and let them know about it.

Have you been in a situation like this before? What if, in that time, you were charging your phone on the go?

On the go to work

On the go to the supermarket

On the go to the mountain

On the go to the walking

On the go to the beach

....Or simply by just putting the solar charger under the sun at home while you do your daily tasks.

Life would be easier and more care free, definitely.

More or less, we are like Lilly. We need to have enough battery power on our phone either because we have to make important calls, or because we need the GPS on our phone, or we like to make plenty of videos to record what we want to revisit, or because we have so many things to search on the internet.

Go for a walk, go to the beach, expose your mobile phone charger that is charged by solar energy while you do what you need to do. In the end you can enjoy energy to power any devices you want. Imagine charging your smartwatch with the sunlight.

It is fashionable to care for the environment and be an example that we do something to reduce our carbon footprint.

Whenever there is sunshine or cloudy days, this solar-powered powerbank makes you harness the sun's energy to have power for whatever you want: charge any electronic device that has a USB input. If the solar charger does not include a powerbank, add one yourself, charge the powerbank and use the energy whenever you need.

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  1. It's compatible with Iphone, Samsung galaxy and all mobile devices that support qi. 
  2. The battery has huge capacity of amazing 80000 mAh;
  3. It's waterproof;
  4. It charges any device very fast, which makes it as highly sought after by people;
  5. It also works in flashlight mode, SOS mode, bright light and low light, in case you need extra light for precision work or to light up a space;
  6. 75-Day Buyer Protection, from a top-seller;
  7. It is very practical because you don't need to carry charging cables around with you: it has 2 modes for charging your phone: wireless charging or cable charging;
  8. Perfect for those who spend lots of time outdoors and want to make use of free energy;
  9. People are very satisfied with the product, it is highly resistant to drops.

  1. This solar charger does is light to carry, its weight is 0,83 pounds (230 gramms);
  2. It does not have a battery and charges quickly up to 2 devices;
  3. The solar energy is immediately converted up to 22 % of energy into charge in the devices of 5V;
  4. It is a foldable zip pack that makes it easy to carry and protect in the transportation;
  5. It has wave straps to make it easier to hang in a bark, backpack, any surface for sun hitting.
  6. The zip is water resistant in case you miss take it out under while there is rain;
  7. People recommend proudly this product due to price/quality satisfaction.

  1. This solar panels can reach up to 24 % of energy converted into electricity to the devices;
  2. It has 21 W meaning each section putting out approximately 800~1000mA under strong sunlight.
  3. It allows to recharge two devices at the same time in an optimal manner;
  4. It is compatible with different kinds of devices such as pcs, all iPhones, tablets, GPS, Camera and other USB-supported devices. It took less than an hour for our iPhone 5s.
  5. It does not have a battery because it absorbs the solar energy and supplies it to two USB ports. You can add and external battery bank to one USB ports and charge your own powerbank for later use the powerbank to charge any device your want.
  6. It It has an automatic feature that detects the sunlight and retry feature on in case the sun gets blocked for a while. It also resumes charging automatically when the devices you had plugged in are fully charged.
  7. It is the favorite solar charger for many people.

  1. It is a bag that has 30 L storage space and has many compartments for great organization: one main zipped compartment, one zipped front pockets and two side pockets;
  2. The solar panel can be place of the side of bag or on the front so it is adjustable to the sun position for maximum energy input;
  3. This backpack is made of high quality tear and water resistant nylon & polyster fabric, heavy duty metal zippers and enhanced by bar-tacks at major stress points provide long-lasting durability against daily activities. The extra strength provided by the double-layer bottom piece makes it possible to carry more stuff.
  4. The solar panel has 7 w of power that collects power from the sun, and converts sunlight into electricity easily. Just insert your wire into the socket and put the solar panel charger under the sun.
  5. It chargers iPhone, tablet, LG, HTC, Samsung, Action camera, Go-Pro, GPS, Kindle, speakers, power banks of various capacity etc.
  6. It is water resistant;
  7. It is light to carry; the bag including the panel only weights 0.54 KGS (1.19 Pounds)
  8. It has three beautiful colors to choose from: red, blue, and grey.
  9. It is a perfect bag for shopping, waking, hiking, carry anything while charge a battery of a device.
  10. People are proud of having bought this solar power bag.

Share you experience with us how any of this solar chargers have changed your life for better in a simple way.



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