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Sunset by a balloon in Cappadocia

Essential items to take on every trip

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When planning for a vacation or work trip there are items everyone should prioritize to take with them. It makes you backed up for a successful trip. Discover here the essential items for travel and why they are so beneficial.

A study conducted by the travel specialist Loney Planet, polled seven thousand and five hundred people around the world and concluded that 2 out of 3 people say that the experiences while traveling are more important than the destination or place itself they chose. What makes traveling to Cappadocia interesting is the activities that will be done such as gazing a luminous sunset by a balloon with your loved ones.

When we travel we experience activities, emerge into a different culture or taste new flavors, smells and feel inserted into a new world of discovery... we stop occupying our mind with concrete and routine situations of our daily life. Our brain emits new electrical impulses resulting from the focus and immersion in the new reality. This is why traveling strengthens and increases our creative thinking. Several investigations from Indiana University prove that those who travel have a greater ability to solve complex problems and come up with many more solutions quickly.

Whether people travel for vacations, meet their families, for honeymoon, work, study abroad or business appointments, challenges can happen.

Traveling takes us out of our comfort zone and puts us in a new environment where we are often faced with unexpected situations. For example, when you have a ticket to go to a show but you realize that there is no transportation available because you are in a remote area. Other challenges are the language, cultural and religious barriers, dressing differently than the local people, lack of knowledge of how to be in a local place and so on. Imagine you have to return to your hotel but you feel very cold and sleepy, there is no transportation and you know that you have no other option but to walk and face the cold and sleep. Also your travel buddy (your boyfriend, girlfriend, family, who is with you) is in the same situation. All of this puts us in situations that challenge our physical and emotional well-being. This is why it is essential to carry the items that can provide us with comfort and make us feel safe and calm wherever we are.

Yes, those unexpected events can happen, but you will be better prepared when you know that you have with you items that support you. Following is a list of what is essential to take with you on your travels so that you can hold into moments of well-being.

1 - A comfortable backpack by Matein Store

  1. In order to get to know a city or village nothing better than walking through its streets. Walking is the way we have to see up close the architectural details of iconic buildings facades and easily reach museums, cafes, gardens, and historic streets with activities that are usually only accessible for pedestrians. Many cities are closing their streets to traffic as a way of making the air free of gaseous emissions to increase people's quality of life. According to Euronews, several European and North American cities are embracing this trend. So wherever you go, walk with a backpack that fits your back and carries the essentials you need to feel good. We found this specific backpack for that because it has a balanced structure on its back and allows excellent organization of what you have to carry. It is the ideal backpack to carry everything you need with you. A top characteristic is the fact that it has straps that fit into a suitcase. We love backpacks because they give us freedom and flexibility of movement when traveling, our hands are free to take pictures, eat, touch surfaces, feel textures, hold maps, express our emotions through gestures. Backpacks are allies to enjoy richer experiences and respond to unexpected situations.

2 - Travel bottles and jars with approved sizes by GlobeGear Store

If you are going to travel by plane you should know that you can't take bottles or jars with your personal care products because they are considered too big by the airport companies. Actually you will not need to spend the full size of your shower gel bottle, the full size of your shampoo, plus the full size of your body cream, sunscreen and so on... because the vacations take some days or few weeks. So the solution is to dump your personal care and hygiene products into these 6 leak proof bottles and jars that have the appropriate size to be accepted at airports and they essentially make you to take with you only the amount you will need. This way you don't have to go loaded with quantities above what you will need. What we like the most about this kit is the fact that it has a specific jar to put your body or face cream inside. Another interesting bottle is the spray bottle that allows us to carry our favorite perfume or even our shower gel spray. There are 16 bottles and jars that come in a water resistant toilet bag.

3 - Bcozzy pillow - the innovative travel pillow by Bcozzy Brand

If you travel by plane or are a passenger in the car, you can enjoy sleeping on the journey. However to avoid pain in your neck the solution is to use this innovative travelling pillow that supports your neck and chin. We love that it has a patent on the unique design and in fact this one stands out from the rest for the comfort experience.

4 – A lightweight rainproof, windproof jacket by Lomon Store (women) and Little Donkey Andy Store (men)

Whether we are going to a tropical climate where it suddenly rains or a climate with strong winds, taking with us a jacket that is suitable for various types of weather is a great ideal. This jacket for women and this one for men are lightweight and perfect choices. It is a must-have garment for everyone. It makes us ready to face the weather, making us feel comfortable and ready to explore the places we want to visit regardless of the weather. We love the pockets and the design lines.

5 - Protection for the head while limiting exposure to the sun's rays by Adidas Store for men here and for women here

According to the Heat-Shield project conducted by researchers from University of Compenhagen, being exposed to the sun for many hours causes a decrease in brain cognitive ability and the ability to perform common tasks. They conducted experiments in which people were exposed to solar radiation on their heads and they found that prolonged exposure causes them to make more mistakes and have cognitive failures compared to those who have their heads protected.

You can always opt for a more classic hat like this gorgeous hat if that is your style.

6 - Solar Charger and a solar Power Bank by Big Blue Store

Whether you go camping and have flashlights, or you need enough power on your smartphone and the smartphones of the people you travel with, the ideal is to carry a solar charger and solar power bank with you. This solar charger has 2 inputs, charges all kinds of samsungs and iPhone and others directly from the sun, or you can also add a powerbank to store the energy and use later to charge when you need it (not only when it is sunny). It is an excellent must-have because it charges really well. It's a really useful product. In case you want other models, we wrote an entire post about solar chargers: read it here.

7 - USB external memory for Smartphone and Computer by Dianww

Take as many pictures as you want, take movies with you to watch on your smartphone, store as many videos as you want without having problems with your phone memory being full or having to pay online services to store your files. This external flash drive has multiple inputs making it compatible with both android and iphone. It downloads files very fast. It is golden, easy to use and practical. Download all your files at the end of the day and have your phone ready for another file load the next day. That's 512 Gb of storage space. You can also connect to your computer and download what you want. In this day and age where the storage capacity of the phone is easily reached and operators start charging fees for more online memory, this external memory is undoubtedly the solution for not feeling the lack of storage space.

We wish you great trips and wonderful experiences.


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