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How to add reverse sensors to your car: upgrade your car yourself

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Would you like to avoid crashing your car when reversing to park or backing your car into a traffic queue? If you would like to feel safer on the road and you have a car that doesn't have reverse sensors, you can put reverse sensors in your car yourself. In this article you'll learn how to do it and apply it immediately. They're highly effective car reverse sensors and for less than ten dollars we have easily installed it and made it working perfectly. Find here the reverse car sensors: the Reverse Car Sensors Backup Radar Sensor Kit.

A car without reverse sensors these days is a car that is not "modern" or old. However because it is old doesn't mean that you can't adapt and improve it to fit today.

Most of us have heard the concept of circular economy that consists of reusing parts or the whole of products for the same or other forms of use. If you would like to give your car a second life, you know you are not alone. There has been a culture of reusing and reconditioning electronic devices for decades, and in recent years due to the great demand for electronic goods, there are even dedicated repair centers in communities. In Sweden there are coffee shops where people come together to repair their electrical appliances, learn how to repair and get together as a community. In this 2021 article published in Research Gate it was shown that Swedes find repairs very useful, and consider that if people understood more clearly the benefits of repairing their possessions, it would lead to a greater culture of people reusing and repairing instead of discarding. Another study published in the Journal Cleaner Production concludes that community repair centers promote longer appliance life and make people more fond of their product. People take greater care of it, since they themselves participate in the repair process - whether it is the simple cleaning of the appliance, polishing or sanding processes.

Follow these 9 steps to add reverse car sensors to your car and upgrade to your old car:

1 - Loosen the rear bumper bolts that are normally located at the bottom of the rear bumper of your car;

2 - Clean the inside of the bumper with a cloth dampened with water;

3 - Let it dry in the sun;

4 - Clean the inside of the bumper with alcohol;

5 - Open the sensor packaging and stretch the metallic tape to cover the whole surface of the inside of the bumper. Cut off part of the tape if it is bigger than the size of your bumper;

6 - Stick the tape on the inner surface of the bumper;

7 - Ensure that the sensor electronics stays inside your trunk in an area where it is not in contact with anything metallic. Metals are electric current conductors;

8 - Test the sensor by putting the gear level in reverse position, you should hear a strong "Piiii" signal;

9 - Place the bumper and the screws again;

Enjoy and marvel at your car's upgrade and safety.


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