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How to make racism drop in the world

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Are you looking for comprehension about racism in today's world and how to tackle it?

Do you find yourself wondering if there is a way to stop racism? In order to come to find solutions for racism, we've done a comprehensive search at racism fundamental origins.

We found how racism happened, when and why. Besides we covered the point of view of social experts about the solutions to stop racism or decrease the cases of it, leading to a world with variety of cultures flourishing together regardless.

The Past

Racism started centuries ago when the richest needed to build castles and fortress and there was no machines, only the labor force.

The social splits between the poor and the rich led to the beginning of slavery. Poor people accepted to work under pressure and violence in other to receive food and a means of living.

Some of the racism toughs history moviments was the Indian Removal Act signed by the USA president Andrew Jackson in 1830.

It foreced the realocation of 100,000 Native Americans who lost their ancestral homelands and resulted on 15,000 deaths from disease, and starvation.

Despite the courts were on side of the Indigenous rights, the president moved military forces to win over them.

Another season in the world's racism data, was the one happening in 1948 in South Africa called The Apartheid.

The second world war had just ended and the South Africa government created a decree law based on series of laws that aimed to ensure racial separation in all aspects of social life and to control the movement and economic activity of people with black skin. It lasted 2 years.

Besides all of this and other past events, there is no value on looking back to the past with hate towards what it was but with comprehension.


Every now and then there is a case of racism in the news. Some are quite. Some don't even appear on tv.

Modern societies have been accepting people of different countries to live in their own countries.

For example most european countries have been accepting part of refugees from poor countries or even imigrants that reach the country for a better life.

Those less fortunate in their mindset and hability to tackle the obstacles, face the risk of racism.

Yet an open society to culture variety is richer and consequently much more inclusive of people of other countries.

You see this when you go on vacation to a country and there is plenty of stores.

There is also plenty of people talking different languages on everywhere.

Then there is a japanese restaurant full of english people, or many espanic people eating an indian kebab, etc.

Political leaders know that the value for the country economy of having people of other cultures living and commuting is far bigger than the cost of not having them. Most large corporations also understand this too.

Yet why there is racism even today? One reason is the hierarchical discrimination passed on to generations based on false assumption of superiority. The economic differences between countries also lead to misconceptions about the human rights based on nationality. Also the cultural and tradition differences can be a factor for racism cases based on those social differences.

Overall the main reason is that people lack consciouness. People don't put themselves on each other shoes. If people can increase their consciousness, racism cases will drop and there will be more space for a productive and rich society.

Why there is hope for the future

I believe the world is more conscious now. You see this when you go to the mall and there is nenucos and barbies with black plastic skin for childreen.

Today's broad access to the internet and multiple social media, you see the spread of positive messages supporting different cultures and their causes.

Then you go to the movies and you see the main characters are people of different nations.This is nature. This is our world.

This is the planet Earth and we're all part on it. We are nature.

How can racism can end?

According to this article published at The Harvard Gazete, the racism can drop if people have conversations about it. They become aware of the story and that it makes sense the peace and the equality. For psychologist R. Livingston, the racism can end and that is a solution.

The only way to undo racism is to consistently identify and describe it and then dismantle it. Antiracism exists through conscious, equitable decision-making. It requires self-awareness and self-reflection. by Ibram X. Kendi (author and historian)

You can bring consciousness to the people around you in a playful and stylish way. Here is some of the awesome racism free items you can use every day and they are great gifts to offer to anyone. They are great Birthday gifts, special occasion gifts or perfect for human rights events.

  • Black lives matter t-shirts with colorful letters. These t-shirt shine a light to anyones eyes with these pretty letter colors. It is a good choice to reafirm your values and educate anyone you come across with through the day. Strange people on the subway, a meal on a restaurant, co-workers work meeting... whatever the occasion. Yes, a t-shirt with a message will spring conscious thoughts on anyone's mind.

What is your opinion on solutions to tackle racism? Do you believe education can decrease the cases of it?

Be sure to be kind and respect everyone.

Be sure to make your part of expressing your good values to shine light on unconscious people.


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