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How to protect your smartphone screen from breaking

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Whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone, keeping your screen intact is certainly something you look up to. This post was written to share an effective way of preventing broken smartphone screens and the best habits to keep it intact and well functioning. It also compares the different types of screen protectors existing in the market. Over the years we have experimented protecting our smartphone screen with tempered protector and hydro gel film protector and observed the behavior over time. Hydro gel film protector for the screen was the one that effectively protected the screen as long as besides having a hydrogel film protector on the screen, having also a silicon covering the back and sides of the smartphone.

How is this protection ensured?

Due to the tiny thickness of the hydrogel film, there is an unevenness between the edge of the silicon cover that limits the sides of the phone and the hydro gel film which means most of the times when the phone is dropped on a flat floor, the screen never breaks. When the phone falls with the display facing the ground, the screen covered with the film will not touch the flat ground because it is thin. Instead what will touch the ground is only the silicon edge that limits the sides of the screen. These screen edges are covered by the silicon cover that comes from the back to the edges of the smartphone. As a polymer with flexible proprieties, this hydrogel never breaks. The hydrogel film regenerates itself through its elastic properties. Unlike tempered glass film, which easily snaps on contact with the keys we usually keep in our wallets, the hydrogel film protector remains intact. If you cover your screen with a tempered protector, the screen covered with the tempered glass will touch the flat ground and will crack its surface leading to tempered protector breaking seriously.

Find here the most suitable hydrogel screen protection film by SFHomie official store and the silicon back cover by MXPKE Store.

The next leading step of thin and strong film protectors

In the context of creating this unevenness between the edge of back cover, there is an advanced screen protector that is a liquid made of nano particles that merges with the screen. Similar to the hydrogel film, it is also higher resistant and thin (which also causes the gap with the silicone case), and it's name on the market is: the nano screen protection film. This is a liquid that can be applied to all models of mobile phones, watches and screens and is even more resistant. As it has been shared, some people who had slight scratches on their screen before first putting on this film, after putting on this film, found that the liquid filled in the slight scratches turning them invisible. The fact that it is nano has the advantage that the liquid atoms are bonded with the screen atoms forming a highly resistant and integrated film.

Nano liquid is available at Aliexpress at Shop5491100 Store here.

Have you ever imagined that in the future there will be amazing technology solutions that will improve our daily lives? Well, the future is today and the solutions are here!

Easy habits to keep your smartphone intact and efficient over time

Often we're worried about keeping our smartphone screens intact, and even there are people who prefer not using any protector. Remember that a broken screen you can easily see but a damaged batery is something you will experience. Due to falling on the ground the battery loses its capacity and ciclability. So the next time you notice your battery demands much longer time to charge, certainly it is due to a previous smartphone falling. In this context even if you protect your screen and back, find here three easy habits to assure a well functioning smartphone:

1 . Make sure when you're carrying your smartphone on your hand, you do not carry any other thing in the same hand (you can get distracted by the other object, sliding it on the smartphone and turning it to fall on the ground);

2 . If you choose tempered screen protector, cover the screen completely. Sometimes if you leave a thin space without protection, a sharp surface hitting there easily causes your screen breaking

3 . If you are putting your smartphone on your pockets, be aware of the size of the pocket to your smartphone size. Most of the times, when we sit down some pockets fold and the smartphone can jump easily out of them with the slightest move.

Attention-prevention is the motto for the life of your smartphone screen.

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