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How to remove mold and keep home clean

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Discover here solutions to remove the mold and other types of fungus in order to keep a healthy home. Knowing how to fix the mold from any area is vital not only to have a clean good looking home, but also it is key to foster a well functioning respiratory system for people who live inside. Mold is a fungus and everyone's should avoid breathing the areas around it or touching objects according to specialists.

Walls in the house that are usually in dark rooms where sunlight doesn't reach are very prone to having damp stains. Those are surfaces that don't get warm, so the moist in the air when gets in contact with a cold surface like those walls, gets colder and forms tiny drops of water on surface. As time goes by the walls become yellowish, fungus evolve and the walls become darker and darker. The darker the areas, higher is the mold concentration. This causes a bad looking environment and several types of respiratory symptoms. Many scientific studies such has this one from National Institutes of Health concluded that the indoor mold are the root cause of people having different respiratory issues such as sinuses, wet nose, coughs and asthma that affect those who live in these buildings. Think twice when ordering medicines! Order not only the medicines if recommended by doctors but also these solutions that eliminate the root cause from your home - the fungus itself.

What you need to do in order to have clean walls, free of fungus and mold:

1 . Wipe a wet cloth soaked up in bleach on the affected areas gently. In order to do this, wear gloves, a mask because you will be close to the walls with fungus when you clean them and should avoid breathing the air without protection. Preferably wear also googles or glasses. Here you will find here these strong long gloves that cover the arms. These gloves are perfect to avoid bleach splashes that can damage clothes or skin.

2 . Apply the anti-fungal spray that eradicates the fungus - the Rapid Mold Removal Spray available here that prevents fungus from forming.

3. After the spray have dried, paint the walls with anti-fungal paint in order to repel the fungus. Find the Anti-fungal paint by Bare Ground available here. It is 1 gallon (approximately 3.8 liters). This is a fair relation of quantity per price. If you need a small quantity, find here the Perma-white paint by Zinsser (the volume is 0,24 gallons) - perfect to repel the mold in small areas.

Use a dehumidifier specially during the rainy seasons

A dehumidifier is a friendly home device important to absorve the water present from cooking, showers, home vapors and outside rain.

This dehumidifier specifically available here has smart temperature control, defrosting mode, a capacity for 0,58 gallons (2.2 liters), sterilization mode and works quietly.Visually has a LED screen and a remote control.

It is equal important to avoid drying clothes inside home. As soon as it is not raining try to open the doors and windows in order to ventilate the rooms. The air circulation improves air quality and contributes to a healthy home free of fungus and mold.

Apply direct light from UV-C disinfection lamp

Usually the mold forms because it is in the areas where it is not possible for the sunlight to hit on, then if you hit the mold area with a ultraviolet light type C, such as this lamp which emits energy in the frequency of UV-C, the mold will be destroyed and the fungus stop growing. Find here the UV-C Light Germicidal and turn it on during 2 hours in a closed the room. Remove pets and plants and be sure nobody enters in the room. Use sunglasses and avoid being exposed to this light while turning it on as it damages the skin and the eyes. Order as many lamps as rooms you would like to have walls and objects free from mold.

Increase well being in your home with these solutions that work on the root cause and make the difference.


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