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How to set up your office for high productivity at home office

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The office should be a functional place where the items are handy, work supportive and be those that resonate with yourself. Your home should always have an office even if you don't do home office. Having an office at home is a good idea for a place where you'll organize your formal documents and relevant bureaucracy related to payments and purchases.

Also if you do home office, you will spend most of your time working from home. The office has to be a place where you're surrounded by office furniture that enhances your productivity and focus and where you have all the formal documents organized. 

Aspects for office settlement that increase productivity:

  1. Verify regularly how clean is the furniture and the space and reserve some time to clean the office and organize your stuff. A clean and organized office enhances a sense of freshness in your mind and has been proved to increase productivity. In a study mentioned at Harvard Business Review, cluttered offices and unorganized working environments express people who avoid doing tasks and procrastinate.
  2. The room where you'll make home office should be one away from the louder areas of the house to make sure you'll not be interrupted while doing video meetings and developing your focus. Quietness is an important factor and also the space within and the lightning. When you have space you can move in and out of your office easily and lightning plays  an important role in your productivity.
  3. Make sure you remove unnecessary items. For example if you have an old print that is not working and if you're not buying a new one, through the print away and leave the space empty. Constantly check you office, make sure there are not things that are unnecessary to you, just filling in the space. If you have some misplaced items, such as some treadmill, put it in the room where it should be. Your office should have only items related to work, that are functional and you are going to use.


Having this on mind, we collected a list of office furniture to support you and your work while holding a sense of style. Find here modern design shelves, high quality desks, proper lightning, powerful office chairs, office chair of good quality, gorgeous carpet and curtains and last but not the least... stylish paintings to hang on the wall because an image speaks thousand words.

Stylish and high quality office furniture to support your work:

1 - Large wooden bookcase, American office style that creates a focused environment - available here. This bookcase is multi-layered for multiple office supplies which you need to always have nearby you. It is a great way of having all your stuff organized. On each shelf you can place books that you like, elegant jars and plants that give a sense of relaxation.

2 - Long desk with high quality wood, metal supports and three-drawer block - available here.This is the right desk to spread out all your books and documents and have access to everything you need because is is long. It is practical and durable with these metal supports.

3 - Ergonomic desk chair with headrest to keep your back straight during long hours at the desk - available here. Nothing better than keeping your upright posture during your work or even while organizing your work documents with this very comfortable office chair. 

4 - Led desk lamp with various light intensity modes for precise reading or working on the computer - available here. This lamp also supports your cell phone, is portable and is the most suitable type of light for your eyes

5 - Light-toned carpet to enlarge your office and serve as a base for your stand - available here. We suggest light shades as a tip to make your office larger, however other colors and other elegant designs are available.

6 - Energetic and elegant wall hanging painting of running horses in shades of orange and white symbolizes success - available here.

This magnificent painting of horses running in shades of orange and white symbolizes success and courage, nobleness, endurance, confidence, triumph, heroism. 

Photo from Pexel.


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