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How to sleep better and get a better life

Self-care and Health

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The quality of your life depends on the quality of your sleep. Did you know that sleep is a tool for success? Lack of good sleep causes headaches and body tension that can aggravate to body stress. If you don't sleep the way your brain and body needs, you are not in the state to live a life richer in health, good mood and clarify of mind. Learn in this article tips that will allow you to sleep better and consequently have a better relationship with everything around you. This is a guide to get better sleep.

According to medicine reports as well as many scientific sources across the internet, researchers have been able to prove that sleep helps in memory consolidation and learning of unrelated content. Sleeping well plays an important role on the mind and focus. Scientists already knew this from centuries ago, when Newton discovered the law of gravity immediately after he woke up from his nap. While newton was sleeping in the garden, an apple fell on his head, so he woke up and instinctively realized that there was a physical force behind the motion of falling. After waking up Newton's mind was in the state of clarity and relaxation that allowed him to instantly process information, thus discover one of the most important laws of the universe.

In a studied conducted by European experts, a cognitive experiment was performed with people before and after they fell asleep. It was shown that during sleep our brain continues to process the same actions on what had been its focus before falling asleep. Although our mind remains active during sleep, the muscles of the body do not perform the actions, but the brain continues to mentally respond to stimulus. In this study several people participated in an experiment where they heard words and had to press a button if what they heard was the name of an animal, or press another button if they heard the name of an object, until they fell asleep and kept hearing the words. The experts saw that people's mind had the same electrical impulses as if they were awake and pressing the button.

These studies explain why our habits before sleeping play an important role in our sleep quality and ultimately the life on next day.

Follow these 10 Habits to Get Better Sleep and Reap the Benefit of Good Sleeping nights. The benefits extend to more focus, clarity of mind, better mood and health.

Here is how to get a good night sleep or simply sleep better:

1 . Make a habit of sleeping an average of 8 hours a day if you're an adult. People above 60 should sleep 7 up to 9 hours while children have different recommended sleeping times based on their age range.

2 . Try to wake up at the same time every day. It is proven to foster the immune system and getting in sync the cardiac rhythm with the body.

3 . Drink a cup of chamomile, lemon balm or linden tea half a hour before bed time. A mug of warm or fresh tea is enough for the body to relax and feel more sleepy before bedtime. It will help you sleep better.

2 . Don't drink coffee less before 6 hours before going to bed or simply replace coffee by barley drinks. Sleep doctors recommend not drinking coffee less before than 6 hours before bedtime. However this duration depends on your body sensitivity to caffeine. If you notice that you can't fall asleep when you had coffee 6 hours before, moderate the quantity. Your body type can't process your caffeine intake or the dosage of caffeine taken was higher for you. Try to replace coffee by barley drinks. The flavor and aspect experience is similar to coffee.

3 . Do some moderate training such as stretching your body (yoga or Pilates exercises) for half an hour or go for a walk. Doing some kind of physical exercise helps to relax the muscles and have a better ability to sleep better. A good tip is to walk or run on a treadmill because it is easier to get a running routine. It suitable for people who have little time for exercise. Experts recommend that you don't do high intensity exercises less than hour before bedtime

4 . At night after dinner put your cell phone on yellow light. This feature, found on some smartphones, changes the screen light to a light that is not harmful to the eyes and doesn't make you too alert. It is a yellowish light, comfortable for the eyes and mind. Choose a smartphone that has a button to easily activate or deactivate this light whenever you need it just by touching a button the light is changed instantly. Don't use your smartphone to be on the internet an hour before you go to sleep to not overstimulate your mind. Another tip is to change your smartphone background from white to black. Just go to the settings. This way all background white will be changed to background black and it will decrease a lot the pressure on your eyes by having to stare at white light. Besides it saves energy in your smartphone for what is important.

5 . Change pillows to feel more comfortable on your neck and head as well as to avoid bacteria and dust accumulation. A good one is this orthopedic pillow for spinal alignment and pain relief.

6 . Meditate. It is reported that meditation during the day makes the mind and body rest deeper during sleep. Reserve a spot in your room and a dedicated kind of chair just for meditation. This infinite blue stuffed chair is an appropriate choice for calming down the mind and practice mindfulness.

7 . Replace your smartphone alarm clock by an analog alarm clock such as these analog alarm clocks (available in this golden, silvery or bronze colors). Nowadays a new trend of unplugging from social media as emerging. Analog alarm clocks are back in use. It allows us to turn off the internet, be concentrated when we wake up because there is not the urge to check the news on the phone right after wake up. This leads to better focus during the day on what is important in our life.

8 . Read the books and articles about how important is sleep. Create a routine care to sleep but be easy about it. The simple task is to unplug and unwind. Be curious about this topic because this SLEEP that we do every day plays an important role in our health and leads us to better quality of life. In order to understand how it can transform your life positively read the bestseller book: Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams by Matthew Walker.

Try and see it for yourself.

Only you can experience it for yourself and reap the benefits.

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