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How to speed up hair removal with IPL laser at home: hacks to increase IPL laser success

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IPL laser hair removal has brought more comfort to our daily lives, even more so when the IPL laser session is done at home by your own. But at first, during the first few sessions, you may find that there are no significant results - keep doing it. In a dermatology study published at Dermatology Journal, doctors analysed 22 women over three months of laser IPL epilator utilization at home. At the end of three months almost 72% of women had hair removed effectively and 78% of women reported hair free already at the end of one month of the bi-weekly IPL sessions at home. The device utilized in the study was the Silk'N laser IPL epilator available here.

It is important to mention that the habits you maintain during the sessions are also crucial to the success of the laser. It's not just the laser hair removal itself. Certain habits will speed up the hair removal. Knowing also what not doing before and after the laser sessions is key.

Below is three essential steps to speed up hair removal and get rid of hair faster.

Here's what you need to do and not do to ensure hair removal during your laser session:

Nr. 1 . Laser IPL hair removal hack

Do this:

  • The day before your laser session, use a razor to cut all the hair in the areas you want to remove. Sometimes this is difficult because you don't get a straight look at the back of your legs. You need to twist your body to see it. Do this slowly, twist a little bit so that you can see where there is hair and pass the razor on your skin gently, one step a time, holding the razor parallel to the skin (not inclined in any way). A good razor is one with three blades and designed for women like this razor by Venus Gillette.

By doing this you are ensuring that:

  • You will feel comfortable during the entire time of the laser IPL session. You won't feel the burning of the hairs during the epilation;
  • You will allow the laser focus to directly act on the follicle that is embedded in the skin's surface just below the skin. If you have uncut hair instead, the laser focus would act on the hair and cause the hair to heat or even burnt but the hair follicle will remain intact. This is why it is very important to shave the hair with a razor the day before the laser session.

Extra tip for extra comfort: first put the shower gel on all your skin and only then slowly pass the razor over all the parts you want to remove hair to ensure greater comfort to your skin

Don't do this:

  • Don't shave your hair on the same day that you'll do the laser IPL at home because the skin will be more sensitive to the razor;
  • Don't forget to shave your hair with a razor otherwise the laser IPL will act on the hair instead of the follicle, so you'll be wasting your time.

Nr. 2 . Laser IPL hair removal hack

Do this:

At least 3 times a week exfoliate all your skin to make sure that:

  • The hair pores are enlarged causing the hair follicles to become looser in the pores and more easily pulled out by the scrubbing movements of the exfoliation.
  • Skin cells are renewed. When you pass an exfoliating mitt over your skin, due to the roughness of the mitt you will scratch the surface of your skin slightly. Apparently you will not see anything coming off your skin. However at the cellular level, cells have been removed, made room for new cells. The skin exfoliation removes ingrown so this should be a regular practice when you're investing on IPL laser. Skin exfoliation exposes the hair follicles to the surface, preparing the skin for better effect of the IPL laser session. It improves the elasticity and youthfulness of skin by cell renewal: it removes old cells and excess oil on skin which makes the skincare creams better adhering to the skin.

We found here great options for skin exfoliation:

Option A: A pack of two gorgeous exfoliating bath brushes in round shape made of natural bristle wood

Option B: A pack of two mitt gloves for skin scrubbing during bath

Option C: Exfoliating cream with karité butter, peach, cucumber and almond extract.

Don't do this:

Do not do laser IPL without having exfoliated the skin at least a few times between sessions.

Nr. 3 . Laser IPL hair removal

Apply aloe vera gel in the morning every other day in circular friction motions to promote more effective hair removal. Here is available a large aloe vera jar to last longer. It refreshes and nourishes your skin while also speeding up hair removal. Read here how aloe vera gel removes the follicles.

When you continuously undergo IPL laser hair removal and you're intensely massaging your skin with the aloe vera gel, you look at the palm of your hand and see little black dots on the palms of your hand: these little black dots are the hair follicles coming out of the pores. It is a great achievement.

Don't do this:

Do not wax, plug or razor your your hair between sessions (only razor one day before the IPL session). If you wax or plug your hair between sessions your hair follicles will become thinner by the time you'll do the next session. This will be harder to be hit by the IPL laser beam.The stronger the hair follicle more effective will be the removal. If you thread your hair multiple times between sessions, the follicle will grown stronger and the effect of your last IPL session will be vanish. IPL laser beams act on the hair follicle weakening it.

What to Expect:

When you follow a similar laser IPL at home routine like the one mentioned in the study (bi-weekly treatments of laser IPL at home with the Silk'N laser IPL epilator) and follow the hacks to speed up the hair removal while also not doing what delays the hair removal, chances are, you'll find success easily as it is highly assured by your habits.

The results of having soft skin and being ready for summer is certainly something to feel good about. Congratulations on your success on hair removal. You did it by yourself. Congratulations! 



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