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New trend on training: training at home with enthusiasm, safety and still with fellow trainers

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This is a powerful guide that assures you achieve any fitness goal you have. Discover here how to burn fat, increase your body strength and maintain self-motivation easily (supported by studies and science). It is the most ENJOYABLE and EFFECTIVE training program at home.

One of the solutions to train in pandemic is to train at home. However that does not mean you can't train with your fellows. Below are seven captivating suggestions revealing how it is possible.

This is a guide that shows step-by-step how to start training at home. It combines the MENTAL attitude with the PHYSICAL tools needed to build a strong motivation that works for everyone.

1. Define how you want to have your body and how you want to feel

Saving your time is one of the many benefits of training at home as there is no need to drive to the gym. After you have done your training, you can immediately do anything at home. When you engage into a gym subscription, you have a goal in your mind for your body and you are asked what are your goals. At the beginning of starting this training program at home, you can re-create the process of a gym subscription and take it honestly. Grab a pen and paper. Read the following questions, choose the ones that resonate the most with you and write quick thoughts that come easily to your mind as answer (the thoughts that come out easily are most honest). Just write even if your mind says "it is impossible", "it does not work", be bold and do it despite your chatty mind.

  • Do you want to lose weight?
  • Would you like to get better defined muscles?
  • Do you look up for strength in order to be able to pick up heavy objects?
  • Would you simply want to have more flexibility for the hectic pace of day-to-day life?
  • Do you want to have the six-pack outlined and a thin waist?

In addition to these questions that you usually get asked in gyms, here comes a favorite question:

How would you feel if you found happiness in training?

Scientists have said that when we train, hormones dopamine and serotonin are released. Then we feel happiness and a sense of well-being. Although it is scientific based, you don't need to know these names in order to get the benefits. More important than anything else, is knowing what you enjoy about training. Read carefully these questions and let the answers spring from your mind:

  • What do you like the most about training?
  • What is the idea you have about training that you enjoy right now thinking about?
  • How would you be and feel if you were having success at training?

These last questions are fuel for your days. If you have an answer for them, you are already successful even if you didn't start training.

One study conducted by scientists from a university regarding the resolutions of new year, found out that the reason people stick to a new habit after having started, it is because they do not give up something in exchange of sticking to the new habit. They just added the new habit (source: worldeconomicforum). Therefore, habits do fail because people sacrifice themselves or something from their life to get into the new habit. For example, often people stop eating completely fried food and candies once they start training at the gym. Although few weeks later they can't stand missing those foods anymore and begin eating them again. In order to be successful, it is not about cutting those foods forever, it is about eating them and yet implementing a routine of exercising. Or instead of saying "I will stop eating sweets", saying "I will start adding 2 salads to the meals every day". I do believe that we find joy in exercising and that prevails.

2. Plan and make room for your workout time at home

  • Would you like training in the morning and before you going to work?
  • Or would you rather prefer at the end of the day as a means to relax?

Start by thinking about reserving 30 minutes for your daily workout. Then increase to 45 minutes. Then to an hour. You may want to extend the training time as you gain more stamina and practice. Do it gradually. The human body and muscles can define themselves amazingly. When people do not get the results, what happens is they did not plan how, when and why they want to train. If they do not get the results, then they give up. Yet it was the mind that gave up, it was not the body. The body continues to be able to be in excellent shape. Our brain must be aligned with the body before, reason why there are the questions previously. Now this one is about your favorite moment of training in the day.

3. Invest in a fitness treadmill with impressive features

Personal trainers and doctors recommend running or fast pace walking as the basis of a healthy lifestyle: good for the heart, for the body and even to release stress. It is known as a complete exercise for everyone. Nowadays with the gyms closed or due to hygienic needs, you can choose to walk or run outside.

However if you are like most people that gives up after the first few minutes of running outside, do not worry, know that it is due to the speed changing a lot in just a span of minutes. You can't control the speed rate precisely outside. Besides the bad weather and pollution can distract the focus. In this way, treadmills were created to solve this and give many benefits to us. If you enjoy running outside and would like to have a tool to complement your training, keep reading below, it is beneficial for everyone. The treadmill is always running when you are on it, even if you fill tired, it keeps running and your legs will follow the movement. That is how the treadmill supports your success and is the element determinant to achieve your goals (burning calories, body shape, flexibility)

5 advantages of having a treadmill at home:

  • Treadmills allows suitable conditions at home to focus and excel in your training by avoiding bad weather, darkness, traffic, air pollution, injuries (due to stones, sticks and irregular tracks);
  • Running on a treadmill protects your joints because the treadmill surface is designed and tested for the feet pressing it with force. Unlike the tarmac or asphalt which is not suitable for running;
  • The console makes you to observe and control several parameters: heart rate, calories, speed, time, distance;
  • Setting a speed on a treadmill makes you not giving up and keep running until the end because the tread is always rolling out and your feet are on it, your legs and body receive the impulsion to keep running until the end. If your mind wonders about stopping, or part of you thinks is tired, your legs will continue to run with strength following the treadmill moves. It is the perfect tool to build resilience and motivation easily. It works for you instead of you having to work it. It makes you achieve your goals;
  • Treadmills offer people the freedom to train at any time the day or the night for how long as they want. Not having to wait in the line to accessing it. Existing at home, at your disposition anytime your feel like burning calories or have some fun training while listening music.

How to choose a treadmill - look for these features

Find below the 7 features that you need to look at when choosing a treadmill.

  1. The maximum speed range to run. As you increase the speed, the tread belt speed will increase and will make you move to the same speed to follow up the movement. A good option for beginners and moderate runners is: 7.5 mph (12 km/h) of maximum speed (12 km/h). Within this range of seed you can walk at different intensities, run slowly and runny very quickly from the 5.6 mph (9 km/h) until 7.5 mph.
  2. The power in hp. This value measures the performance related with the higher the maximum speed. The higher the speed the higher is the power of the engine.
  3. The Hydraulic system. The treadmill with hydraulic system is folded smoothly and also stands up easily. This are the most strong and user friendly treadmills.
  4. The foldable feature. Choosing a foldable treadmill saves space in everywhere you choose to put it after training. And if you find a treadmill with wheels to turn on, then you can move anywhere and train easily everywhere you want.
  5. The inclination mode. Inclination offers also a new challenge to the training and broadens the variety of exercises that you can do on the treadmill. Having this option of turning on the inclination, gives the benefit of working many different muscles of the legs.
  6. The noise protection. Most treadmills have a system in the treadmill belt to buffer the sound but if you really want to increase the silence caused the impact of the steps and the treadmill vibration, find another extra idea here at the point 6.
  7. The tread belt size. The standard width is 18 inches the standard length is 48 inches. Although it is possible to run and walk on a less area, taking a short stride and burning the same calories if you had a more area of tread belt.
  8. Programming. Features such as pre-programmed workouts, streaming, Bluetooth headset connection, Wi-Fi connection, and synchronization with third-party applications can improve the treadmill experience and take you to the next level.

Currently there are many treadmills on the market but based on the suitable features to look at when choosing a treadmill, there are these two impressive treadmills: the Foldable Treadmill by QYLS and the NordicTrack treadmill by NordicTrack Store. Training at home, running or walking with a slope on a treadmill is are habits that bring you countless benefits: it tones your legs by burning fat, makes them well shaped and at the same time also works the muscles of the body not just the legs. In addition, it accelerates metabolism, improves blood circulation, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, increases sleep quality, memory, and the feeling of happiness. It is a good investment to make for your home. These characteristic turn your the treadmill your friend. Having a treadmill is also a fun way to make competitions with family members such as "who burnt more calories today".

Set your 30-minute walking/running goal to the first week, two days per week. After two weeks, increase the speed so that you start running for 5 minutes and the remaining 25 minutes walking - do these for one month at least. If you want to do these training for more months do it. Be easy on yourself. It is important to have a routine and not jump into effort and struggle by quickly doing hard running. Every train you accomplish what you have set for yourself. That is enough.

When you feel like, get ahead, start in the beginning of a new month: 10 minutes of running + 20 minutes of walking. This training can last for as many month or years as you like. If you feel like running during more time, beginning in a new month: 15 minutes of running and 15 minutes of walking and keep this training as long as you like. Keep making progress or enjoying where you are. You do not need to keep increasing the speed starting in a new month, but you can add more five minutes to your running time and the remaining for walking. Set your goals, speed and stabilize your practice as long as you feel good about it.

Summing up the training plan (choose one of the following points):

  • At the beginning of new month: 5 minutes of running + 25 minutes of walking -> during as many months as you feel okay with that.
  • At the beginning of new month: 10 minutes of running + 20 minutes of walking -> during as many months as you feel okay with that
  • At the beginning of new month: 15 minutes of running + 15 minutes of walking -> during as many months as you feel okay with that.
  • At the beginning of new month: 25 minutes of running + 5 minutes of walking -> during as many months as you feel okay with that.

4. Invest in a machine to exercise upper muscles for strong arms, shoulders, chest and back

The term investing means putting your value in something that you can reap fruits of higher value than the value you had invested. Millions of people carry heavy stuff or have jobs where they have to spend a lot of time in front of computer and that are the causes of bad posture and pain on the back and spinal. When we talk about investing in physical exercise, the fruits to be harvested are in varied health benefits at all levels. Whatever your age, it is important to take care of your posture and superior musculature: the arms, spine, breasts, and shoulders because it is with the lumbar torso that we make most of the movements of our day. It is not only about getting muscles to look good, but also about achieving a strong erect position in your daily tasks. Your body can get a strong erect position through training exercises for upper body: arms, shoulders, chest and back.There are several machines on the market to exercise this area of the body. This machine features 8 types of exercises that allows you to work all the inner muscles. It is suitable for both women and men. Find here the amazing Gnex Portable Home Gym and the impressive Moulyan Portable Home Gym equipment workout by Moulyan.

The complete training plan to you:

  1. At the beginning of new month: 5 minutes of running + 25 minutes of walking + upper body machine: 10 movements of each eight exercises -> during as many months as you feel okay with that.
  2. At the beginning of new month: 10 minutes of running + 20 minutes of walking + upper body machine: 15 movements of each eight exercises of upper body machine -> during as many months as you feel okay with that.
  3. At the beginning of new month: 15 minutes of running + 15 minutes of walking + upper body machine: 10 movements of one of the eight exercises + pause + 10 movements of the same exercise + 10 movements of second of the eight exercises + pause + 20 movements of the same second of the eight exercises + 10 movements of third of the eight exercises + pause + 10 movements of the same third of the eight exercises + continue that until the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth exercise -> during as many months as you feel okay with that.
  4. At the beginning of new month: 25 minutes of running + 5 minutes of walking 15 movements of one of the eight exercises + pause + 15 movements of the same exercise + 15 movements of second of the eight exercises + pause + 15 movements of the same second of the eight exercises + 15 movements of third of the eight exercises + pause + 15 movements of the same third of the eight exercises + continue that until the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth exercise -> during as many months as you feel okay with that.

Having training machines at home is the necessary impulse that lets you exercise freely as you want, when you feel like training and for as long as you want, without interruptions, without the need to leave the machine because someone else is waiting to use it, as often happens in the gyms. If you had the urge to eat a whole chocolate and are full of energy at night and gyms are closed, you can move to the treadmill instantly. If you find distractions at home like, people calling your attention for something, just find a quiet place where to put your treadmill and inform people previously that you will be occupied for the next minutes. Let them know that you will give attention and help them after these next 45 minutes. First make the training time important to yourself, and then when you tell people to not disturb you, they will understand what you mean. It is around 45 minutes of your time, though those moments add up immense value for your well being and health. Athletes and most public personalities train at home with their own machines and that is why they build a strong body and posture.

5. Make a video call during your workout and train with your fellow trainers

With the treadmill that lets you turn on your phone, you can make a video call during your workout and keep your phone charged with battery power. If you used to train with your fellow trainers, you can also keep that habit. You can develop personal conversations while training now that there is no one else next door listening as usually is in the gym. Your fellow trainers can offer ideas about the exercises more easily and together through the screen you can create healthy exercise competitions. Just be creative. It's amazing what technology lets us to do today. It is up to us to harness its full potential.

6. Make your friend, partner or family member your personal trainer

Now at home, ask your friend, partner or family member to call you at the end of training, so you can tell him(her) what exercises you've done, share how you felt during the exercises and the evolution you've been having. Listen to feedback because it is important to feel that there is someone who supports your progress and is genuinely interested that you achieve your training goals.

As a reminder take a picture at the end of each workout and collect training memories. We also wrote here relevant rituals to make a pleasant workout session. Definitely, it is possible to make training at home one of the best moments of your day!

7. Reach the moment "Being in the Flow"

This is the instant when training turns into high pleasure and your moves will be effortless. If you keep your persistence in training, you will see that one day, in your training, you'll reach this flow zone. Sport experts call this moment as being deeply involved in the activity and achieving another level of training. It is a physical and emotional state in which you will feel complete focus on the exercises you are doing. At this moment you stop feeling that you are pushing or doing training by effort, however the fat is being burned at high speed and the body is being effectively toned. Our body and mind are indeed astonishing when we pave the path to discover it.

Enjoy your workouts.

We wish good workouts and good health to you! Comment below whether you feel like training or want to.

If you already train, share a story of how training helped you stay healthy and let you feel good.


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