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Smart summer: IPL hair Removal at home and hacks for hair free skin

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In this post you will know how the laser hair removal at home work.s Laser hair removal at home is the safer, successful and friendly way of hair removal... that really bring the results people look for! Maybe you've been having laser hair removal sessions at a clinic and still have hair on your legs, underarms, bikini line... The fee you pay for each hair removal session is large for not getting long-lasting results. The truth is: there are specific factors for successful permanent hair removal, and once you know them, you will realize that they are easy to follow.

It's nice to set the goal to feel comfortable in your skin, whether it's summer or winter. Freedom to wear what you want to wear - quickly and with sureness - without having to book a session to get hair-free skin. This goal is possible with an IPL laser hair removal. After having tried a brand IPL device, I bought and use this Hair Removal for Women and Men, Permanent Ice Compress Painless Laser and I am super satisfied with it! So I write down below how the device is a favorite. Discover by yourself too.

7 reasons this Hair Removal Epilator is the best to use by yourself on yourself (and other people):

  1. This is the safer laser hair removal to use at home because it has the ice compress technology embodied so you'll feel the fresh touch of the machine surface instead of hot surface like in other devices. There are devices being sold for higher prices without having this safe technology, so that is why there are stories of people getting burned by them. Usually those laser IPL epilators describe themselves has having the senso-adapt technology but that cannot be the safest mode. When looking for a laser hair removal, be sure to buy one with the ice compress technology embodied. This is how you assure you'll not get burned. This epilator has the intelligent ice technology. Just like certain devices in beauty centers, here too the surface that will touch your skin is cold. So you are protected from heat and it is assure the comfort and safety during the session;
  2. It has an excellent feature to adpate the intensity of laser to the areas: it has 9 levels of energy intensity so you can apply more energy in the areas where you know you need it most and less energy on areas where you have less hair;
  3. It has a manual mode and an automatic mode. The automatic mode allows the device to regulate the energy level itself, ideal for large areas like legs in the case of women. In the case of men, ideal for the chest. The manual mode allows you to regulate the intensity level yourself.
  4.  It has an almost infinite lifespan of around 999,000 flashes, which is enough for you to shave and then share the device with your family, friends, etc, or maybe even open a beauty center and use this high quality device on your customers;
  5. It's easy to hold with your hand and suitable to make the hair removal by our own;
  6. Offer sunglasses to protect your eyes a razor to be an effective treatment;
  7. It has the same features as the hair removal machines from top beauty clinics.

Smart hack 1: Hair Removal at Home gives you the FREEDOM to do your hair removal session WHENEVER you want

Imagine you come home in the late afternoon and decide you want to have an epilation session because it's been a month since your last session at the beauty center and you haven't booked a new session. Since you have a permanent epilator at home, all you have to do is go to your bedroom or living room, in the comfort of your bed or sofa, put on your sunglasses, turn on the epilator, and epilate your skin while listening to relaxing music. If you want to do a 30-minute session or whatever time is recommended, you set a timer on your phone to ring at the end of minutes;

Smart hack 2: IPL Hair Removal at home ENSURES that you have the FULL SESSION TIME as recommended because you ARE THE ONE who controls the time

At home you ensure that you start the time and finish after half an hour, without interruptions and without finishing early. You are not dependent on the service of others. You provide yourself a complete session, a complete service without finishing 5 minutes early. This is very important for a lasting and effective effect. If each session lasts 5 minutes less, at the end of 3 sessions that's 15 minutes less. These lost 15 minutes allow two large areas of the body to be treated. The time is a determining factor in the success of hair removal, is what makes some people stop having hair and others have despite having already done several sessions of hair removal.

Smart hack 3: IPL hair removal is the best way to be successful because turns it EASIER to DO at HOME and follow the sessions plan for a whole year

The best way to achieve a goal, whatever it may be, is continuity and persistence. So it is also with hair removal. There is no failing that. We are creatures of habit, for every habit there is a result. Often people go a few months without waxing, as in Winter, and then they quit or pause for some months. Of course, they won't have the same results because the hair root got stronger during those months. These people were having a weakened hair root during their continued sessions, and suddenly they stopped. However, if they had continued, the hair roots would have disappeared completely. The skin would be free of hair. They would finally be able to wear whatever clothes they wanted to wear at any time of the year and feel comfortable in their skin.

The best way to commit to permanent hair removal is to have the machine always accessible to you, at home, just like when you wash your hair and have a hair dryer always at hand when you need it.

Smart hack 4: Epilation at home allows us to CONTROL the maximum intensity of the epilators ourselves, and thus take advantage of the epilator's potential

When we turn on the epilator we can control the intensity of the energy, and as a result, get better results because we operate the button ourselves. So we know that we are setting the necessary criteria that are in line with the desired result: hair-free and smooth skin to feel free in our beautiful skin

Smart hack 5: The device is easy to use, harmless and effective

Follow strictly the instructions that come with the product. They were written by specialists during the product creation and testing. All devices were approved by health and safety authorities before coming to the public. If you follow the instructions written on the manual, such as not taking sun baths two weeks before each session and other instructions that are specific to each product, you will be on the right path for a successful laser hair removal at home. The package even comes with an after-sale contact if you have further questions besides the instructions manual.

Smart idea 6: Use a conductive gel on the skin to increase the energy conductivity of the laser into the hair root

A conductive gel avoids dry skin at the end of each session. A laser hair removal machine has already an ice compress technology so you will not feel the hot surface however for an extra care with your skin and increased laser efficiency to reach hair's root, use this conductor gel. Do not use a large amount of it on the skin, just cover it slightly. This is an electric device and so the electronics inside can't be in contact with moisture. If you only use a bit of it, it will not enter in the device. It will be functioning well and the energy will hit the hair roots with the best conductivity.

Extra hack for a successfully hair removal - Do It Yourself

During the first sessions, it is normal that the hair will grow since the roots are not yet weakened. When you see it has grown a bit, massage your skin with this aloe vera gel. The aloe vera gel is a viscous gel and as you massage, it penetrates the skin right into the hair roots making them to come out of it. You will be surprise to see the small black dots be removed out with the touch of a normal massage. This works because of the viscosity and the massage movements. In order to have a super smooth skin in long term you can add this habit to protect your skin.

Remember: the first step to hair-free skin is... to feel OK with your hair! Hair body was well meant to be there. It had its importance in primitive times when humanity was living in cave times, because it served to protect them from cold and allergies from plants and animals.

However, when men and women evolved their intelligence, society started to have a great variety of fabrics and clothes, so they began protecting themselves with better food, creams and medicines. Body hair was no longer necessary. At that moment hair removal became an important part of beauty and harmony, especially for women. In Ceopatra's era and in ancient Greece, the highest figures shaved themselves with bands of solidified sugar strip. Nowadays, in the age of knowledge we know that waxing with wax strips makes hair ingrown and razors make hair stronger if used alone and not associated with laser hair removal treatment.

Laser hair removal machines have appeared for our own comfort at home. Like any other electrical appliance at home, this is a device that is part of personal wellness and care.

What are your routines to get a naturally free hair skin?

Do you can wear any type of summer clothes instantaneously or still need a lot of preparation to wear them?

Write in the comments below. We'll be glad to hear from you. :)


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