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The 7 assured hints that Increase Success in Training and Keep Being Fit

Self-care and Health

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It is possible to know how to achieve success in training and keep being fit forevermore. In order achieving your training goals, it is essential also to take care of your body, your health and make yourself feel good. There are actions and little things that create a big movement supporting your success. Discover them here.

1. Before each training session stretch your legs, arms, shoulders and at the end, stretch again.

In order to be achieving your training goals, it is essential to stretch the body. Whatever part of your body you are going to push through in the training, stretching before and after each training session increases the body strength and offers resistance. This means your body will support training with increased intensity or for a longer time without you feeling effort or tired. Stretching also avoids muscle pain and soreness. A stretching session is the secret to not feel muscle pain after a training. Just stretch your legs, your arms, shoulders... feel the muscles stretching.

2. Stay hydrated drinking water from one of the best bottles

During the training, the body sweats which means there is release of water. Keeping hydration before and during the training is essential to have balance and training endurance.If it is recommended that we drink water many times during the day, anywhere, then we should drink from a bottle safe for our health.This bottle does not create bacteria with prolonged use. Find it here - The Sistema Bottle made in New Zeland.

  • Most bottles, after a few uses, react with the organic matter in the water to create a substance that causes a bad taste and smell. It is means there is bacteria present. This plastic is different, it does not react. It is a healthy and safe bottle to use regularly everywhere.
  • It is free of Phthalate and BPA;
  • It does not shed water droplets;
  • The plastic is transparent like crystal, is a very elegant bottle e resistant to impact.

Turn drinking water a pleasure experience. We have to drink around 33,8 ounces (2 litres) per day. Accomplishing this target is easier with water based drinks made at home. You can make at home quickly. Add natural ingredients and experience tasty water with and almost zero calories. Put the ingredients (pieces of fruits, leaves like mint, tea) inside this infuser bottle. Fill the bottle with the water and enjoy tasty and healthy water through the day.

How to do it: put inside a large jar, 1/4 of it filled with pieces of sweet fruits like apple and mint leaves. Fill the rest with water. Put inside the fridge overnight, the fruits and leaves flavor will pass to the water. In the morning fill your infuser bottle with the tasty water and the pieces inside the infuser. Try other fruits combination. This drink makes nice photos also when put the content inside cups.

3. Wear running shoes designed for training

Wearing appropriate and comfortable shoes is key to not getting hurt, getting a good training experience and enjoying training. Each thing contributes to the workout success. There are sneakers that were designed by designers and ergonomists specifically to fit in every walking and running movements. These sneakers for woman and these for men are goods examples. The sole is perfectly designed for adjusting and balancing the feet in the movements. The breathable structure prevents the feet from overheating or sweating, causing fungus and discomfort. So the feet maintain balance and temperature during walking and running. And they are perfect. Suggestion: Choose the next size above your current shoes size for extra comfort. Here you will find the men's model:

3. Wear suitable and nice sportswear

If you are going to take your training seriously, you will train at least 2 to 3 times a week. That means you will have to enjoy variety of sportswear to feel good. Check these amazing outfits for women and men.

  • For women:

Outfit 1: cooler days: you can have these soft sweatpants with a cozy sweatshirt.

warmer days: these running shorts, this workout t-shirt, this fitness top.

  • For men:

Outfit 1: warm days: these running pants, this workout t-shirt, this training shorts.

cooler days: you can have these running shorts with this sweatshirt.

4. Record in a notebook the number of calories burned per day and your heart rate.

This way you will keep track of your results and feel more motivated.


Day 01/05 Calories: 200 Kcal Heart rate. You can also register the distance from the treadmill and speed. For a more precise control of your heart rate and interactive , use a cardio watch. Register also how you felt after training. Did you feel glad? Do you feel a sense of relaxation? Besides getting fit and healthy, training is a way to feel great as revealed in this post.

5. Combine your training with a balanced diet.

Remember to choose healthy options, including variety of vegetables, tasty fruits, different kinds of proteins, nutritious carbohydrates and healthy fat. Be creative and discover the plenty of options available.

6. Rest and relax

Running and walking improves greatly the quality of sleep. If haven't train before, you will notice that you will sleep so much better when you start training. Restoring and relaxing the muscles makes them achieve a new level of strength in the next training. Pay attention to your body anytime you can to not feel tension. Rest and relax for some time for a few minutes during the day.

7. Put on your favorite music playing

Training while listening to music is a nice experience, even better if put your favorite songs playing. Training turns out to be fun for you. Use these headphones just for your listening. In order to have spread the music with high quality through your home, use this 3d sound bars system theater sound box.


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