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The blue iPhone 13 Pro max, next to the blue iPhone 13 Pro followed by white iPhone 13 and white iPhone 13 mini

The Best Features of the New iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max

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We have gathered in this article everything you need to know about the new iPhone 13, so that you don't have to watch the extensive presentation or search for information about the characteristics of the iPhone 13. If you are also looking for information on how to get the iPhone 13, find here where you can buy it. Apple's new iPhone, the iPhone 13 was launched on September 14th. The brand held an online event to present the new model and immediately proliferated articles and reviews in tech dedicated media. When you get to know the iPhone 13 here compared with the iPhone 12, you will see several features improved that means astonishing mobile experience.

These are reasons why this is already the most sought-after smartphone in the world

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini

1 - Design:

The sophisticated flat design with aluminum grade frame is available in the colors: new pink, blue, midnight, starlight and product red. The ceramic shield front is durable than glass and all models are resistant to dust and water with the winner value of ip68.

2 - Security:

iPhones are known for the secure system integrated in the iOS such as the face id area which is the most safe mean of authentication for smartphones. Now the face id area around the front camera system was restructured to provide a larger display area for experience and for instance a smaller face id area. There is more display area for the high security standards. Siri uses your commands on speech recognition and makes sure that is not accessed by anyone. It holds an intelligent tracker banning hackers, protecting your email activity from being accessed by email senders in your inbox and hiding your IP address.

3 - Size:

The iPhone 13 has display size of has 6.1 inches and iPhone 13 mini has 5.4 inches.

4 - Functional Chip:

The electronic components that make up the new iPhone are more powerful and smaller which leads to more space for the battery. Now the battery is bigger and so the cyclability and durability. The chip inside the new iPhone is the fastest CPU in any smartphone today. It is faster 50% than the competition which means it supports many actions at the same time and high loads of talks very fast and efficiently. As bold as affirmed by apple engineers, the competition has not reached the iPhone chip of 2 years ago. The new 4 models (iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max delivers more performance and power efficiency with the A15 Bionic - the most advanced chip of all smartphones. It has 5 nanometry technology each including 15 billion transistors. The powerful CPU is the new 6-core CPU which has 2 high performance cores and 4 high efficiency cores. The 16-core neural engine is capable of 15.8 trilion operations per second for machine learning communications between camera and the iOS15. This means there is fast live texts, getting directions just by pointing the camera. In the Swing vision app, take the remote lessons with augmented reality models for real time experiences. Go walking in the woods with the help of Peakvisor app which identify mountains and details of hiking trails. The Seek app uses a machine learning model trained by 20 million photos to instantly identify plants and animals around you and provide useful information about it. For games and fastest demanded graphics, the new 4-core GPU enables more impressive effects and lightening up to 30% more than any other smartphone.

5 - Display:

The new display offers a great visualization outside due to the advanced super retina XDR, 28% brighter until 800 nits (the unity of measurement of brightness in a display), perfect for viewing outside. For HDR content like photos and videos the brightness reaches 1200 nits. The pixel precision and higher color accuracy is due to the improved power efficiency and the newest OLED contrast technology. The display supported by Dolby vision, HDR10 and HLG brings the crystal clear images, sounds and movement precision.

6 - Cameras:

Computational photography creates the most advanced dual-camera system to capture all colors and textures with 47% more light with less noise. It is enabled by a larger 1.7 micrometer sensor and f/ 1.6 aperture, the biggest sensor ever in smartphones. There is a ultra wide camera for creative photos and a sensor-shift optical imagine stabilization (13 and 13 mini have both this feature) for stable high quality videos and photos.

7 - Video:

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini has advanced cinematic mode. The Rack focus is a term usually known by filmmakers to capture cinematic moments holding focus on the subject. Now there is rack focus feature on the iPhone 13 for professional focus even while moving and between scenes transitions that happen automatically. It is also possible to change focus to any subject in real time and after taking it. It shoots each frame live in Dolby vision HDR due to the Apple custom sensor and the powerful A15 Bionic.

8 - 5G:

At the end of the year, Apple will double 5G coverage to 60 countries for more people get access to it for powerfully video on-demand. Use share play on Apple TV, or even more streaming partners for video and music, share videos from Cameo, or take the sound of any event with Mix Halo.

9 - Battery life:

Faster chip, 5G speeds, brighter OLED display and the most advanced dual camera system and battery efficiency. Due to the Bionic A15, better efficient components and larger battery. In iPhone 13 mini has the durability of 1.5 hours longer than in the iPhone 12 mini. In iPhone 13 has battery life 2.5 hours longer than in the iPhone 12.

10 - Magsafe:

There are practical options of multi chargers and swiveling charger like the magnetic Magsafe battery pack. The official covers are compatible with Magsafe. There is leather, silicon and clear cases in 13 colors and with the apple sign on the cover.

11 - Storage:

The starting storage is 128GB, the double of the starting storage of previous phone. Then there is 256GB and the new option of 512GB.

12 - Sustainable materials:

In all models of the iPhone 13, the antenna line (a bar on the top edge of the iPhone frame) is made of upcycled water plastic bottles for the first time in the industry. The packaging has no plastic wrapping and is made of 100% wood fiber from responsibly managed forests. Gold, tungsten, tin and rare materials used in the iPhone are recycled. Apple and more than 110 suppliers committed to 100% use of renewable energy. Apple is leader in industry and open on affirming that it is free of toxic components.

Where to buy the iPhone 13? You can order at Ebay here or at Amazon here.

Where to buy the iPhone 13 mini? You can order at Ebay here or at Amazon here.

The Pro Version: The iPhone 13 Pro (6.1 inch size) and Pro Max (6.7 inch size)

1 - Design:

The colors in the versions Pro and Pro Max are: rich deep graphite (gray), gorgeous gold, beautiful silver and sierra-blue stainless steel. The ceramic shield front is durable than glass and all models are resistant to dust and water the winner value of ip68.

2 - Security:

The features are equal to the models iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini.

3 - Size:

The iPhone 13 Pro has size of 6.1 inches (as the iPhone 13) and iPhone 13 Pro Max has 6.7 inches.

4 - Functional Chip:

The features are equal to iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini but in Pro and Pro Max it includes the new 5 core GPU for 50% faster graphics in any smartphone ever. It is perfect for Apple ProRaw video and 4k Dolby Vision Video.

5 - Display:

In both models the Pro and Pro Max there is 1000 nits for the brightest display to watch outside.

6 - Cameras:

There is 3 camera lens for the most advanced and professional photography and video. It also has the ProMotion feature: the new 120Hz enables the screen motion of each frame matches precisely the fingers motion. Together with the Super Retina XDR mode it allows user to see further in the distance and in the surroundings. Combined with the ultra-wide camera with 98% improvement in low light and f/ 1.8 aperture make it impressive. The 7.7 milometer telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom and the new wide camera with 1.9 micrometer pixels and f/ 1.5 aperture are astounding. This enables Macro-photography. Be impressed with the details in the photos you take. It is like having a lens of a microscopy to bring creative and stunning pictures with your phone. It is possible to edit only specific elements of each photo by fragmenting the photo in frames and then after the editing coming the frames into the new edited photo. This is the perfect feature for professional photographers.

7 - Video pro-level

In order to film cinematic videos, the iPhone 13 does not required extra equipment or support. It has everything for professional videos. Two time Academy award winning director Katheryn Bigelow and oscar nominated cinematographer Greig Fraser filmed with the new iPhone 13 and affirmed that soon we'll see filmmakers make films in an exciting way which possibly might lead to a new genre given the powerful cameras integrated in the iPhone 13.

The ultra-wide enables macro slow-motion scenery, the 3x telephoto enables zoom closer to the action and has machine learning integrated to learn about the deep and provide a change on the subject of focus even after filming or taking the photo. The ProRes video app is the video editor app with professional tools for stunning professional videos which also records videos at 4k and 30 frames per second.

8 - 5G, Magsafe acessories and sustainable materials:

The features are equal to iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini.

9 - Battery

The battery of iPhone13 Pro lasts 1.5 hours longer than the iPhone 12 Pro. The battery in the iPhone 13 Pro Max lasts 2.5 hours longer than iPhone 12 Pro Max.

10 - Storage:

The storage ranges from 128GB to 1TB orginating 4 options ot choose the storage size: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB.

Where to buy the iPhone 13 Pro? You can order at Ebay here or at Amazon here.

Where to buy the iPhone 13 Pro Max? You can order at Ebay here or at Amazon here.


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