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The best guide for Men's Summer Outfit

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When summer comes, it's time to think about setting aside the warm clothes and dress something fresher, comfortable and also stylish. Normally this is not a so easy task. The idea of this post is to help men choose the best outfit for summer. We cover: how clothing expresses a person, the psychology behind it, what colors should you wear and the link to men summer outfits. We point out and give you some hints about outfits that you can pick up, try and give us your opinion.|

So lets begin and go a little deeper into the question, how does fashion express something about the user? According to a published study we can divide clothing into two large groups: formal and casual. Thus, formal clothing is associated with perceptions of more professionalism but also less approachability, whereas casual clothing is related to intimacy and familiarity. Pick one of these styles concerning the places where you'll be at. Color is also an important aspect to take in consideration when you choose your outfit. It can create attractiveness or unattractiveness. Each one of us see color or experience color effects in different ways. For example black color is generally more aggressive than white. Black is seen in almost all cultures as the color of evil and death and white is seen as peace and friendliness. In the study mentioned above, the most preferable colors to wear were blue, red, light blue and blue-violet. For sure, you can pick other colors, but keep these ones in your mind as those colors seem to be the most broadly preferable colors. Here you will find the guide for men summer fashion based on those hints:

  • In general jeans/shorts and a simple white t-shirt, has always been a good choice for summers. Also, try out these with other fashion accessories, like sunglasses, a watch and/or a few wristbands to make your summers more colorful;

  • Wear breathable and comfortable fabric to make let your body breathe and use lighter tones to cancel out the heat. For example summer dark colors shirts can be a dangerous for your body inside a extreme hot weather. As we've said above, the black is also considered an aggressive color. Choose light colors instead;

  • Try to choose suitable footwear that not only matches your styles, but also feels good on your feet;

  • Just buy some t-shirts like this one, a simple t-shirt, with stamps or this in V design. They are breathable and you find a lot of lighter tones. You can buy some shorts like this one but for shorts, there is my tip, pay attention that the length should be slightly above kneecaps and the width should have a bit of space and no winging. For footwear Flip-Flops or Sandals and you are ready to go to beach. If you add sun glasess with UV protection and a gorgeous watch. Go breathing the salty sea breeze and enjoy the sun, sand and sea.

  • In summer dates, for a casual drink outside, a meal by the river or a visit to an outdoor cinema, there are some tips to remember. Always keep things relatively smart, without being too over the top, be prepared for slight changes in the weather of your date. For example, an evening meeting that takes longer time than the expected or late in the night, so avoid shorts and opt for pants, jeans or chinos. Some polos like this one or this one with a regular blue jeans are great choices. Never forget to wear a brown leather belt, a pair of tennis like this one or this one and if you finish with his bracelet and you are done. If you would like to make it a little bit more formal, put the shirt or the polo inside pants. Just try it and see for yourself this tips transforms your outfit.

  • For footwear normal socks are despised but they are very import for comfort and healthy of your feet. Today you can find a very good range of types. In the summer normally you try to avoid socks because it is not stylish to see it in your normal. For this problem you can find these socks that are invisible in your shoes. Sneakers, shoes in white color or in blue color are a very good option because you can use it anywhere at anytime regardless of the weather. It goes well with every summer outfit whether it's a t-shirt and shorts or pants and stylish shirts;

  • One last hint is about the red color. Only use one red piece of clothing. It means if you wear a red shirt, then the pants and footwear should be of other color.

Now you are already more aware on how to choose you outfit for this summer. Choose your style, dress smartly and adopt a neutral posture when doing so. You will see that you can benefit from that.

Enjoy your summer.

Photos from Pexel.


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