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Young couple standing eating apple and holding apple in their hands.

The importance of eating apples and new ways to bring it to your lifestyle

Self-care and Health

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In this post you'll get a refreshing prespective at a simple and yet so important fruit: apples. Plus at the end we share how you can transform your routines of eating apples by reinventing how to carry and eat them.

According to a study published eating two apples a day reduces the cholestrol and contributes to the prevention of heart health issues.The natural active components in apples promote fat metabolism, which prevents vascular diseases. Other studies indicate that they prevent lung cancer. Apples are a source of polyphenols which are the basis for good health.

They are an ancient fruit with asian origins. Europe and Asia have been growing apples for thousands of years, having been brought to America by europeans. The fact that there are recent multiple studies proving the benefits of eating apples, it is due to the de-cofidification of the constituent DNA genome of apples in 2010.

As referred by Dr. Megan Rossi Gut Health Nutrition Expert, apples that are not perfect, those that have marks on the peel, have the most polyphenols. These apples have been under pressure, had a turbulent growth, so they had to develop resistance, which in turn they ended up developing more nutrients in themselves and became richer in polyphenols.

Thus, the next time you choose an apple to eat, choose the most defective one because it is more nutritious. Also, big and perfect apples mean that they have been grown on an agriculture with non-organic fertilizers which should be avoided.

Apples are rich also in fiber. Pectin, the fiber present in the apple peel accelerates the burning of body fat. So the next time you eat an apple, eat it with the peel. Or separate all the peel, seeds and stalk and put them in a pan and boil. When it is half cooked, separate the water and when you get the contents, you will find that a gel has formed. This gel is the pectin.

Having these benefits in mind you will want to get in the habit of eating at least an apple a day. So you can get the most of apples by:

1 . Choosing ugly or apples with defects. Everyone will notice you're eating an ugly apple and then you can shine and share your knowledge. You'll be unique explaining why you choose these apples. This is sharing useful information backed up by science.

2 . Carry your apple everywhere inside this apple box. This is the perfect place to store and assure your apple don't get smashed by anything. You can put it inside your purse with all the items you have nearby that it won't make any damage. Plus be trendy, and avoid using a new plastic bag to carry and reutize it multiple times. A must have for snacks on the go.

3 . Eat apples by making apple pupl with the Xiaomi portable blender.

4 . Making dehydratated apples with this dehydration machine that transforms fruits into sweet and healthy snacks.


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